A phone showing a colorful cube pointed at a white glowing cube

244hz (itsnotyouitsme)

Stefan Kraft, 2019. “Farbe, Licht, Interaktion”, Colorlight-Center ZHdK.

Carrying around a smartphone does not only afford different means of connection with other people, but also different means of connection with the external world—different means of perception.

244hz (itsnotyouitsme) consists of a cube that is illuminated by a high frequency RGB strobe such that it appears uniformly illuminated to the naked eye. When looked at through a smartphone (or other digital camera with a CMOS sensor), a previously invisible choreography of component colors and gradients in different frequencies reveals itself.

The project aims to examine the potential for sensory and transient experiences to arise from playful, technology-mediated interaction.

Link to video

materials: acrylic, RGB LEDs, microcontroller
dimensions: 50 x 50 x 50 (160 with base) cm
date | place: 2019-03-22 | ZHdK