P'achakuna game box and a bolivian bag for the pieces

P'achakuna is a strategic board game for two players.

Designed by Moreno Vogel & Stefan Kraft, Illustrated by Johanna Tarkela, Published by Treecer in 2020.

In P'achakuna, players create paths for their llamas through the shifting mountains, transporting resources and selling them for profit. The first player to trade all seven resources wins.

Both players follow their own paths on the same modular board, but they are never completely separated—one player's path might be the other player's obstacle.

P'achakuna was successfully crowdfunded by Treecer on Dec 2 2020 with 4588 backers. It is being sustainably produced by Ludofact in Germany.

The game board with two llama play-figures next to a flag A game piece with two llama figures on it

A prototype of the game was developed at Zurich University of the Arts in 2019.

Limited prototype copies were produced with laser-cut MDF board, 3D-printed PLA llamas, painted wood pieces and hand-made fabric bags.

Prototype of P'achakuna