A CRT TV showing the landing page of Teletext WRN1

WRN1 is a multi-/nonlinear narrative space inside Teletext.

Created by Jonas Müller, Nils Lange, Nino Coaz & Stefan Kraft at Zurich University of the Arts in 2019.

Explore fictional TV channel WRN1's teletext to find answers to the the signal's mysterious disappearance.

An homage to technological obsolecence, teletext, its strange content, and the people who frequent it.

A teletext frame: Yellow text on black stating that the signal is missing. A teletext frame: A glitched-out SMS chat. Text: Fernsehen ist einfach nicht mehr das, was es einmal war.

Teletext WRN1 runs on a Raspberry Pi and produces a genuine teletext video signal to be played on a TV with analog teletext capabilities.

The pages were created using Simon Rawles' edit.tf teletext frame editor and exported as .tti files. Page numbers and status bits were set using a small python script, and streaming is done using Peter Kwan's VBIT2.

A TV showing a teletext chatroom. The TV is in front of a projector that says 'HDMI1 No Signal' An old Sony TV remote, a Raspberry Pi in a case with WRN1 on it, and a composite video cable.
A teletext frame: A branching path with page numbers on them. A teletext frame: A yellow rhombus. Text: Schöpfer ist geschaffenes und umgekehrt.
A teletext frame: Advertising text for vacation in Kyoto. A teletext frame: A hand reaching out and burning itself on a doorknob.
A teletext frame: An aurora above a city skyline. Text: Das Polarlicht. In all den gleichen Farben wie auf meinem Schirm.